A story that follows the journey of a black girl wrestling with how the world perceives the skin she lives in across Ireland, Uganda, and India. 

Winter’s fears have grown so tall they’ve overtaken her life. Directionless, Winter is surrounded by friends secure with their place in the world when she stumbles upon her own. 

Winter Wright wants to live a fearless life.

When she realizes that her existence is a series of fear-led actions, void of joy, Winter knows she has one decision to make; risk a life-altering change or stay the same. In an attempt to reclaim her life, Winter gives herself three months to conquer her deepest held fears and live, unencumbered, the life of her dreams. 

But when Winter’s globe-trotting begins to take her to the one place she can't face, her past and the prejudice that she most fears, more than Winter's journey of exploration is threatened. Will Winter break when faced with her most foreboding fears? Or will she do what she's never done before and dare to live? 


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