When to take the off-road

Getting stuck on one path can make it near impossible to embrace yourself and your life at a particular moment. I’ve gotten stuck numerous times, but one recent memory stands out. For two and a half years, I was set on finding a major publisher for my book, convinced that was the only way it would be successful. I dedicated most of my free time to researching agents and book proposals, query letters and synopses. My life was spent in the pursuit of one restricted road. If I’m honest, my reasons for wanting a publisher were not all well-intentioned. I was desperate for one because I believed I needed a professional to tell me when my book would be ready enough for other eyes to read it. I longed for a publishing house to give me credibility and support, to get my book out into the world in ways I thought I couldn’t achieve on my own. I got stuck on one path because I wasn’t honest with myself and let fear and insecurity dictate the decisions I made.

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